Friday, April 30, 2010

Hang in there, Bucky

Bucky got into some kind of trouble last Saturday or Saturday night, possibly a bad fight. He was acting a little odd at evening feeding that night and then didn't show up all day on Sunday. We found him hunkering down in a nearby storm drain Monday evening and dropped some food and water into it. I saw him the next morning (Tuesday) walking stiffly across the street, where he went into the storm drain on our side of the street.

Bucky was putting weight on all of his legs, but he was moving with some difficulty. He had no visible or obvious wounds or external injuries that I could see, but a bite wound is hard to see unless you can get real close or they lose hair around the injured area.

We've been putting food and water in the storm drain where we first saw him and the food is gone each day. It could be raccoons or other cats eating the food, but Bucky could be eating it if he is still hiding the drain while he heals (hopefully he's healing). We haven't found him anywhere else yet and have looked just about everywhere he could be.

Hang in there, Bucky.