Thursday, December 17, 2009

New kitty, and ya gotta love the Leather!

I haven't had a chance to do any posts in the last couple weeks - life is INSANE recently. The holidays and work are conspiring to drive me nuts, but they won't completely succeed I believe. We adopted (for the moment at least) a new kitty, Cyrus. He's really cute, Tabby with a fair amount of white in his coat, and about 10-15 months old I think. He's kind of a mess though and adding a good deal of extra work to our lives (mainly Anne's schedule). He's not familiar with litter boxes and he's not picking up the litter box routine. Oh shit (literally)! There may be some improvement in the last couple of days, hopefully. I'll try to get some pics up soon - he's pretty shy.

Here's a vid from a recent show we went to at Beerland, Digital Leather, from Omaha, Nebraska (they used to be from Phoenix, Arizona). Their shows are always a blast!

Anne and I love these guys, or Shawn, specifically. He's pretty much a 1-man band in the studio, or that was his approach in the past, not sure if he still takes that approach with their/his new album "Warm Brother" but he always tours with a killer band. This song is not from the new album but there's another vid up on YouTube that includes an excellent cut from it, Photo Lie, coupled with a DL classic, Styrofoam (a great sing-a-long tune). You should be able to link to it from this one. Oh what the hell, here it is too:

Shawn and his band mates are super nice guys too.

That's all for now, don't forget to rawk it!

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