Monday, February 22, 2010

Rock rock rock!

Gerard Cosloy and Matador Records recently organized a big event in Austin that took place at my second home Beerland, Casual Victim Pile. The showcases featured mostly local (but not exclusively Austin) bands that he and they think are interesting and worthy of attention. "Casual Victim Pile" is an anagram of the phrase "live music capital" that is sometimes used in conjunction with mentions about ATX.

Here's a couple of clips from nights #1 and #3 of the CVP shows, Follow That Bird! (Austin) and Bad Sports (Denton/Austin):

Follow That Bird! is doing some great stuff these days - more clips of them on the way.

Oh my friggin' gawd! These guys tear the shit up! More outrageous vids from this show and another BS did this past Friday (2/19) coming soon.

Whooooaaaa! And I don't mean stop.

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