Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Morning Report, May 12, 2009

Mandarin, Little Brother, Fuji, Rosenquist, Nico, Bucky, Honey Bunny and Sammy ate this morning. Today, Sammy was waiting in our front yard in the middle of the new Sunflowers where the POD used to be (the POD killed the grass there). He’s getting more comfortable with me being nearby and it looks like the other cats aren’t bothering him. Yea!

It's nice this time of day (7 am-ish), but it's going to be very hot today - ugh. Summer never waits to arrive in Texas. It just kicks Spring out the door right when you're beginning to think the weather's going to stay nice for a little while.

Later . . . I think everyone showed up to eat this evening - Anne reports the outside feeding was normal.

Had a couple of nice looking Daylilies today but didn't get any pics until it was quite hot. Mosquitoes are out in the evening, so we'll have to make sure all the cats that can be handled get heartworm treatment.

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