Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Morning Report, May 13, 2009

Mandarin, Little Brother, Fuji, Rosenquist, Nico, Bucky, Honey Bunny and Sammy ate this morning. It’s a bit sultry this morning, warmer than yesterday.

Nico did eat this morning but not with the outside crew. I saw him eating something in the back yard pretty early. I checked it out a few minutes later and found that he was eating on a Rat. This was an adult regular Rat, probably a Norway Rat (Rattus norvegicus). Nico had eaten the back half of the Rat’s body – all that was left was part of its front torso, arms and head and its innards were hanging out which was quite lovely to see amongst the flowers and such early in the morning. Anyways, hopefully the Rat had not eaten any rat poison which could’ve made it easy prey for Nico. That could be very, very bad for Nico. We’ll have to watch for any signs of illness in him. I think symptoms should show pretty soon if there is any poison involved, probably within 12 hours or less. I’ll go home early for lunch and see what I can see. Nico usually hides out in the heat of the day this time of year and I don’t often see him out and about after mid-morning, usually not until evening feeding time. Crazy cat – if he’s not hurting from a bite wound he got in a fight, he’s chasing other animals. It’s good he’s catching Rats as long as they haven’t been poisoned, very bad otherwise.

Later . . . I saw Nico and he seemed to be OK. His eyes were bright as he was hanging out under the deck and appeared to be chilling out comfortably.

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