Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Morning Report, October 20, 2009

Mandarin, Little Brother, Rosenquist, Nico, Bucky, Trinidad, Fuji, and Honey Bunny ate this morning. Horsey has been pretty regular most days but wasn't here this morning. I had to chase him off last night because he was terrorizing Bucky and to a lesser degree, Rosy, during the evening feedings. He's a pretty cat and pretty sweet usually, but he can be a butthead occasionally.

His human originally named him Horses Ass because of his penchant for being mean to the other cats, but I could never call him that and have always called him Horsey. His person now calls him Horsey too.

Sammy has slept in our bedroom a couple of night recently. He's still pretty vocal in the early, early morning. I'm not sure if that helps us get up or makes more tired in the morning because our last hour of sleep has been interrupted.

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