Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Super show this past Sunday (10/25) - Underground Railroad To Candyland, Ghost Knife and Cruddy at Beerland. URTC was awesome, quirky and epic - it was over too soon. Ghost Knife is getting really sharp, both in their great songs and the witty repartee (is that redundant?) they engage in between songs - "It's all about Sepultura" - you'd never guess how they arrived at that observation. Cruddy was a blast although they were missing their bassist Dustin who at the last minute couldn't do the show.

And holy shit! We're back at Beerland for a GREAT show tonight - Digital Leather, Love Collector, the Dead Space, Flesh Lights and Literature. It will be a loud, cathartic, drunken, dance party. Man oh man oh man oh man oh man!

Gotta love the Leather!


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