Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Morning After Report, September 23, 2009

Saw one of my favorite bands last night, Overnight Lows from Jackson Mississippi, who were playing at Beerland, Texas. They were GREAT!! Another intense, hard driving set. Don't have any vids from last night's show up yet, but here's a sample from last December - this was at a Ground Zero Texas house party aftershow:
"Picked Apart, Left To Rot" and "So Well Read"

There were only a few people at the show unfortunately, mostly due to a competing show down the street at Mohawk. That and the fact that it was a Tuesday night. We had fun though and I got to talk to members of the band. And bassist Daphne gave me a bunch of buttons to go with the t-shirt I bought.

The other bands were also rad, Mig & Min Ven, and Haje Haole, both from Denmark (not sure about all the spelling of their names). They report that they ate some awesome barbecue earlier in the day at Sam's BBQ. Sam's does have some great barbecue.

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