Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Speaking of rock n roll . . .

Saw a great show Monday night at Club 1808. Woven Bones from Austin, and Gun Outfit from Portland, Oregon. Cry Blood Apache (Austin) was also supposed to play but they didn't show up (didn't call or nothin'!). Woven Bones was going on tour starting the next day and I bought some merch so they'd have a bit more gas/food money. Gun Outfit is near the end of their tour and this is their second show in Austin (played at Beerland in early August). Got a Gun Outfit CD too that is killer!

Great stuff from both bands. Look for video on YouTube in the very near future, although I may need to check with Woven Bones first - they had someone there with a pro-style video cam shooting some of their set. They may want to control what goes up on the Web, but I'll post some soon if they're cool with it.

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